Restoration and Touch Up

  • We specialize in restoration and duplication of authentic antique surfaces.
  • We are able to remove any damage from any surface of your interior.
  • Typical faux artist approach of a latex glaze is just one of the methods we use.

About two years ago we had finished a project down in Pebble Beach where an electrical box that was supposed to be invisible under the sofa became a problem due to some furniture layout change. So the GC had asked me to replace two floor planks. I really did not want to do this, because one of the planks was over 16’ length and the floor was finished on site by quite a lengthy process. Too many trips at a time when we did not have any work in the area. So I suggested that Miklos makes it disappear by the way of a faux touch up. The GC doubted it was possible, but I convinced him this was the best and most cost effective approach. When it was finished I asked him if the owner was happy with the repair. Yes, he replied, she could not find it, she was thrilled.

There are many good faux artists out there. But most of them use latex glazes to make things disappear. This electrical plug repair could have been possibly fixed in such a way but many problems we are able to remedy, require other approaches. What makes our finish restoration and touch up capabilities so much greater is that we are able to chemically affect the damage areas of a surface. And these days more and more floors and cabinets, furniture and other wooden surfaces are chemically colored. And that is why our unique ability keeps us in such demand. There have been projects where various groups of faux touch up artists from LA and other places were fixing finish problems, on cabinets, on beams, and on a destroyed floor surface. The damages were extensive and due to the time constraints these various teams were hired. I end up getting a phone call from the GC asking me if Miklos could now come and touch up their work because it was rejected and only his work was accepted. We have been together on projects in Beverly Hills and NYC working for best GCs out there, and I can see that they have never seen such touch up miracles performed. So he is not only our local magician, phenomenon or wood whisperer. All these names were given by clients. And it really could be any surface, from stone to plaster, metal and even glass or fabric. This is a matter of understanding all materials and how they bond with one another and how these attachments perform over long term. A matter of understanding textures and having all tools at your disposal to mimic any surface out there. This is about a perfect eyesight and color recognition, and the intuitional sense of how to  mix and apply the processes and techniques acquired within decades of mastering this craft. Different lighting affects our perception of things as well, and this also has to be considered. We have been in situations when the repair looked great in the mornings, but not so with the late afternoon sunlight coming in and possibly bouncing off the blue water at the same time.

We are able to remove any damage from the surface of hardwood floor or a piece of furniture. We are able to make any dent or scratch completely disappear without any sanding done at all. However, this touch up artistry is very complicated and often time consuming, so when there is too much damage on the surface of the floor, removal of finish or sanding the floor down might end up being a less expensive option. And that is why it is of outmost importance that you, the client,  does not let your surfaces get too far gone, but keep a watchful eye, and let us know as soon as something unusual starts developing. So we can attend to it and remedy the problem and seal to secure the open wound. Sometimes it is excessive moisture from outside, that damages your floors, or the sand on the surface of wood that under your feet becomes like a grinding wheel. Pets like marking their territories as well, and often keep on repeating such behavior. And water dripping from their mouths is mixed with digestive acids and can really start damaging a chemically treated floor. Hot oil spills have a tendency of affecting fumed surfaces as well.

Again, it all comes back to what I have focused more in ‘finishing floors in place’ chapter. There are many top coats available out there, and it is important to spend more time ahead of time, considering the best surface for you and your lifestyle.