Global Presence

  • Servicing discerning design teams and clients on all continents.
  • A perfect choice of the most stable floor for any and all climates and microclimates.
  • Wood interiors for ultra high end yachts is the fastest growing segment of the overall Schotten & Hansen business.

The legendary furniture designer Christian Liaigre has chosen Schotten & Hansen floors for his  showrooms in Europe and in North America, not only because this rich shrunk texture and wide color tonality creates a perfect background to a multitude of colors of his furniture. Showrooms get a lot of traffic and constant wear and a possibility of the rejuvenating periodic maintenance can be very beneficial. And this natural and soft looking wood surface can be easily sustained in high traffic for ever. The fact that these floor’s unique gore-tex-like surface can be washed heavily with hot water mixed with special soap and then re-oil-waxed within hours, while it is still wet, is truly remarkable. Water can come out through this ‘breathing finish’ and the moisture level of wood come back to its normal state, while the place is open for business. This is truly remarkable. The same soft-wax-oil finish prevents water from getting into the surface of wood, if it is not made absorbent by a liquid additive. I have tested this property of a S&H floor sample during the months of January and February of 2019 by leaving it exposed to direct rain right in front of my door in San Francisco. Every few days I was looking at it getting completely saturated with rain water, and keeping it all on the surface. This remarkable property of Torben’s invention has been undergoing constant testing in London at Haymarket Hotel, where Schotten & Hansen floor is installed not only in the Bar, Restaurant, Lobby, Theatre, Event/Conference Rooms, but also as a Swimming Pool Deck. If you are in London you could also see Schotten & Hansen floors installed in the same locations as above, except the Pool Deck, at Soho Hotel and Ham Yard Hotel. In NYC besides the Liaigre Showroom and goop Lab you can see S&H floors installed in similar rooms at the Crosby Street Hotel and Whitby Hotel, where you could actually rent the Executive Suite where the floor makes part of the interior.

Schotten & Hansen name is recognized by many of the best high end residential design teams on all continents. America has recently surpassed Europe as the company’s largest market. London, San Francisco Bay Area, Munich, Seattle, West Palm Beach, Aspen, Hong Kong, New York City, Madrid, Nantucket, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Moscow. These markets are constantly growing and expanding. And new territories are being explored. These super stable floors and interior millwork , produced 100% prefinished, provide perfect solutions to clients building homes in remote areas, where accomplished intricate woodfinishing simply does not exist. Many of these remote areas are either dry moisture mountain regions or wet tropical islands and shores. A lot of risk associated with bringing a mediocre prefinished floor product. to such a region. Aside from the fact that it is often not worth the shipment cost. Cheap laminations of mass producers often cause delaminations. What could work well in Wuhan or LA could fall apart when exposed to severe tropical and dry mountain conditions. It makes much more sense for the architectural and design teams to specify the most stable floor in existence, to eliminate the risk and give their clients a beautiful surface at the same time. 

As a matter of fact not only the best high end residential design teams specify Schotten & Hansen surfaces more and more often. The majority of the busiest ultra high end yacht designers are based in London. All of them and others based in Europe and America recognize Schotten & Hansen as a producer of wood floors and entire wood interiors for the high end yacht builders based in Germany and Holland. Since the first yacht floor completed in year 2000 through the first yacht interior done in 2007, today, in 2020, Schotten & Hansen has about 25  super high end yacht projects in their portfolio and this is one of the fastest growing markets for the company.